Hot Baogela Luxury Leather Waterproof Watch

With A Beautiful Timepiece For Your Woman FREE!

Powerful and stylish, the Baogela leather watch demostrates your thirst for quality and yet affordable wrist watch. 

A lot of men pay little attention to the wrist watch they wear.

While you may not need to use bank-breaking wrist watch everytime, there are some timepieces that command respect and yet won't break your bank.

This is it right here!

Product Description

The Black Rose Gold

The Black Silver


Thrill your woman or daughter with this amazing and beautiful female wrist watch. 

Getting your woman or daughter will mean a lot to them. At times, the size of the gift does not matter, what does is the message behind it – which means they are always remembered in your heart. And which woman wouldn’t cherish such a man the more!

If you place your order RIGHT NOW, you will get this gift FREE.

We may give you any of these colours according to their availability. We do not want a situation where we will bring a particular colour and you will start saying you want another colour. 

This is just an appreciation for buying from us and not part of what you paid for.

UPDATE: Due to massive demand for these watches, we only have about 29 pieces left of this gift item for your woman. The situation is now FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE!

Luxury Magnetic Female Watch
Worth: N15, 000 (You Get It FREE today!)


How Much Does This Cost?

Getting this watch won’t require you to break a bank, you don’t have to be a millionaire to own one of it.

Here are the prices of this watch

1 Black Rose Gold

NOW: N25,000

Later: N40,000

Get 1 female watch FREE!

2 Black Rose Gold

NOW: N45,000

Later: N80,000

Get 2 Female Watch FREE!

1 Black Silver

NOW: N25,000

Later: N40,000

Get 1 Female Watch FREE!

2 Black Silver

NOW: N45,000

Later: N80,000

Get 2 Female Watch FREE!

1 Rose Gold & 1 Silver

NOW: N45,000

Later: N80,000

Get 2 Female Watch FREE!

We Offer Payment On Delivery Nationwide & It’s Free

Once your order is received, you will be contacted within 24 hours to verify your order before sending it to the agent in your location.

How Do I Get This?


Please Note: You will not be asked to make any upfront payment but BE ABSOLUTELY SURE you will be available to receive the package in the next 2-5 days IF NOT do not bother to order. However, if you have someone who can receive and pay for the package on your behalf, you can place your order.

WE DO NOT want I travelled or not picking calls when dispatcher calls to deliver.

Buy With NO Risk:


We sell only original wrist watches that give value. We do WHATEVER it takes to safeguard every information you provide on this website. 

We ensure that every customer is 100% satisfied in every aspect! If you are not satisfied with the product, you can apply for refund.

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