Sehanz Hybrid – Sexual Dysfunctions Cure


Sehanz Hybrid is a combination of plants proven to make you :

  • Go from lasting 30 seconds to 45 minutes and more
  • Be able to go more rounds without getting tired or losing erection


  • Your erection will get stronger
  • Your woman will NOT have to toss your penis around to have erection
  • You will have longer and stronger better sex than you were in your 20s
  • Your low libido will become high
  • Your penis will become ROCK hard
  • Your woman will abandon vibrators and dildos and choose your penis over them
  • Your dead bedroom will come alive again
  • Your testosterone levels will shoot up – which makes you a man again

Sehanz Hybrid is made with Sphenocentrum Jollyanum, and it’s capable of getting rid of all sexual dysfunctions no matter which one it is for you

But that’s not all what a capsule of the Sehanz Hybrid contains

Another powerful ingredient present in this formula is: carpolobia lutea

Several research has been done on this plant and its effectiveness on sexual dysfunction 

Not only that, it’s also guaranteed to boost libido that they nicknamed it “libido booster”

Another amazing thing about this plant is that it also boosts the brain function

In less than 25 days


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